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I ordered a quantity of '3' Coffee Crisp candy bars for $4.99 each. I naively thought that a quantity of '1' meant maybe a box containing at least 2 bars.

So I'd get at least six bars for my total order of $14.97 Wrong! For my order total of $14.97 I received 3 candy bars. What a scam!

I found then on a Walmart website so I felt relatively confident that Walmart wouldn't participate in any kind of a hijinks. The website said that Christmas Central would be handling the order, but never having heard of them and attracted by a zero shipping cost, I placed the order.

Reason of review: Pricing issue.

Monetary Loss: $10.

Preferred solution: Price reduction.

I liked: Free shipping.

I didn't like: Misleading ad.

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Wait, what? The website blatantly told you that you were ordering THREE items. This isn't a scam at all, this is just you being dumb.


So lemme get this straight...

The website said qty 1 candy BAR for $4.99.

You 'ASSumed' that meant a whole box of them.

You ordered QTY 3 candy BARS.

QTY 3 candy BARS arrived at your house.

And you are angry that you didn't get more than QTY 3 candy bars. You're joking, right?

OK, the next time I go to the ATM and withdraw $20, I'm going to ASSume $20 really means $40. And when only $20 spits out of the machine, I'm going to immediately go into the bank and cry WAAAAAAAAA.


How would you expect a quantity of ONE to be TWO? I am confused? If you ordered THREE and got THREE then you were not scammed.

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