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We ordered and received a tree that was so skimpy and tacky. It didn't look anything like the picture.

It looked so sickly. When we returned it, they charged a 20% restocking fee Plus shipping. I called them about it and they insisted on this policy. This is a terrible return policy.

I shop on the internet all the time and I have never had to pay either fees for returns. The re-stocking fee especially is such a rip-off. Don't order from this company!!

There are many other reputable websites out there for Christmas trees. Stay away!

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Some companies charge a restocking fee and some don't. Sometimes it depends on the price or size of the item.

That is the same as some of them having you pay the return postage and some places have free returns.

It all depends on the company. Another thing when you order from a catalog or online you can't depend on the item looking like the picture.

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